Vandeveers of Miami Co, Ohio

Based on Gayle Brown's research

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  My research began when my mother asked me to help organize genealogical material that she had been working on for over thirty years. What began as a pastime for me is now all consuming! We were lucky to have a writer in our family that loved history and kept many accounts of our family history alive. Our line of male Vandeveer/Vandiveer's has now died out. My grandmother, Jennie Irene Vandiveer was the last of our line to be born a Vandiveer.

My quest is to find documented proof that William B. Vandeveer is the son of Arthur Vandeveer and Alche Barkalow.

The documents in my possession are copies of, or are original documents. I will gladly share any and all of my research.

My line:
Notes on Sidney S Vandeveer

List of copies of documents in Gayle's possession

1) Guardianship papers, 19 Apr 1854 for all children bound for the just sum of $10,000.00 to Arthur A. Vandevere and John Scott
2) Change of Guardianship for 14 yr old Sidney 29 Jan 1861 to John Hart, James Hart and Levi Hart for the sum of $1,000
3) Change of Guardianship for 14 year old Sarah Vandevier 1 Mar 1859 to Findley Stafford, Howard Mitchell and Charles Voorhis for the just sum of $1,200.00
4) Tax Receipts for William B. Vandevere’s heir’s property 18 Apr 1862, Dec 1862, Jul 1863, June 1862 (A.A. Vandevere Guardian) Elizabeth Township
5) Account Records of Ward, Lavinia Vandeveer, by A.A. Vandeveer Guardian (Interesting but some not legible, every penny spent on her was recorded and taken from the proceeds of William B Vandeveers still active farm account that was left to his heirs and taken care of and run by their guardians)
6) Receipt for coffin paid for by A.A. Vandevier guardian of Lavinia E. Vandevier 29 Nov 1862 out of her account.
7) Receipt for Tombstone paid for by Arthur A. Vandeverr guardian of Levena Vandeverr $35.00 8 Mar 1864 out of her account.
8) Record of account by Guardian, Arthur A. Vandiver of ward, Levinia Elizabeth Vandiver deceased (balance to settle account) Record of William B. Vandeveer’s heirs farm profits with interest
9) Aletha Vandeveer, ward of Arthur A. Vandeveer statement of account upon death balance in hand of guardian $607.93 settlement and vouchers 15 Mar 1864
10) Estate of William B. Vandeveer to Arthur A. Vandeveer for work and material for the use of the mill $4734.08, 9 Feb 1855.
11) Account of materials and labor to build a house for his wards and their mother 10 Oct 1854 money taken from William B. Vandeveers estate which was being supervised by Arthua A. Vandeveer.
12) Guardianship of Sarah Vandeveer, ward of Findley Stafford receipt of payments from former guardians Jno Scott, and A. Vandeveer 5 May 1862. Filed his accounts and vouchers for settlement settled 26 Jul 1862.
13) 3 receipts received of Findley Stafford for settlement of Sarah Vanderveer’s account
14) Receipt of $10.00 for coffin for widow of William B. Vandeveer, Lydia Scobey Vandeveer McBain, from Guardian of heirs of William B. Vandeveer, Arthur Vandeveer, out of his ward’s account.
15) Receipt for $40.00 for tombstone of mother of said heirs, widow of William B. Vandeveer, Lydia Scobey Vandeveer McBain, from Guardian of heirs of William B. and Lydia Vandeveer, Arthur A. Vandeveer.
16) Receipt for work done for Lydia McBain, widow of William B. Vandeveer of $6. 37 for work done for widow 8 Apr 1855 by G.W. McGulliard
17) Receipt for services sale crier for $2.00 paid for by guardian, A.A. Vandeveer, to Michael G. Carver 8 Feb 1855 to be paid out of the heirs of William B. Vandeveer’s accounts.
18) Receipt for $3.50 from A. Vandivier guardian of the heirs of William B. Vandiveer’s estate (item not legible) signed by Lewis Hart
19) Receipt for services of Clerk of Sale 8 Feb 1856 received of A.A. Vandeveer guardian of heirs of W.B. Vandeveer to be paid out of their account.
20) Bill from Jas L. Musson against estate of Lydia McBane 1855 14 Jun, Jul 10, 12, Nov 1, per wife $8.15
21) Bills due Apr 1855 medicine for little girl .25 cents, June 1855 Medical services 1.50, Jul 1855 Medical services 3.00 from Lydia McBane.
22) Tax receipts for heirs of William B. Vandeveer’s 79 acre estate, $32.78 paid out of estate by Arthur Vandeveer guardian. $1.55 paid on 10 Dec 1856 for personal property owned by heirs of William B. Vandeveer.
23) Receipt from Judge Joseph Pearson for services settling and recording accounts and recording sale bill 19 Sep 1859
24) Vouchers for heirs of William B. Vandeveer for rents paid to his estate.
25) Vouchers for Lydia Vandeveer for work and materials by A. Vanderveer in the amt.of $34.74 1855-56
26) Sale Bill for household furniture of widow of William B. Vandeveer after her (Lydia McBane’s/McBain) death $739.27
27) John Hart’s settlement vouchers for guardianship of Sidney Vandeveer (interesting and well-kept account of each expenditure) 7 Mar 1862 settled 21 May 1862
28) Tax receipts in Elizabeth Twp., OH from John Hart, guardian of Sidney Vandeveer for his share of tax bill on his deceased father’s farm.
29) Receipt of $3.00 from John Hart, guardian of Sidney Vandeveer to Judge for settlement services. 7 mar 1862
30) Receipt from Arthur A. Vandeveer to John Hart for $4.80 for his part of “? Halling and tarc?” 5 mar 1862
31) Voucher for order by Sidney Vandeveer, ward of John Hart 13 Jan 1862 $24.25 for clothing for civil war and trunk. (Each piece individually priced and charged to the account of John Hart)
32) Elizabeth Vandeveers settlement vouchers and account by Arthur Vandeveer 18 Jan 1860 with interest 24 May 1862
33) Arthur W. Vanderveer, ward of Arthur A. Vanderveer. Statement of account and balance due in hands of guardian $372.25
34) Settlement of account of Sarah Ann Vandeveer, late guardian Arthur Vandeveer $336.06 24 May 1862
35) Arthur A. Vandeveer late guardian of Sidney Vandeveer died in account with his said ward. Balance of account $285.90. Interest $40.30 plus other various to equal $326.20 paid to John Hart guardian of Sidney Vandiveer. Miami Co., OH
36) 3 receipts of services for Sidney Vandeveer paid by John Hart his guardian out of his estate.
37) Taxes paid by A.A Vandeveer for Vanderveer’s ward’s portion of tax bill for their father’s estate. Elizabeth Twp., OH 22 Dec 1860, 11 Jun 1861, 25 Dec 1861
38) Statement of account and vouchers for ward, Sidney Vanderveer, including his portion of farm crops raised on his late father’s farm. (3 legal sized pages of items) 3 Mar 1864
39) Personal receipt from Sidney Vandeveer $10.00 for use in Camp to get blankets and clothing. 15 Sept 1862 to his guardian John Hart.
40) Receipt for clothing charged to John Harts Account at Harr & Stafford of Troy Ohio for his ward, Sidney Vandeveer for use during the Civil War 17 Oct 1862 $18.50 (Items listed and charged separately)
41) Receipt for clothing paid for by John Hart for his ward, Sidney Vandeveer to Harr & Stafford of Troy, OH 26 Dec 1862
42) Receipt for shoemaking for Sidney Vandeveer paid for by John Hart guardian $5.00. 27 Feb 1863.
43) United States Express Co receipt for $20.00 sent to Sidney Vandevere Toledo, OH by his guardian, John Hart.
44) Receipt from Harr & Stafford to Joh Hart for clothing sent to Sidney Vandeveer in the amount of $45.00. 14 Dec 1863.
45) Tax receipt for Elizabeth Twp., Oh for Sidney Vandeveer’s portion of his father’s estate, paid by John Hart out of his account.
46) Troy OH 5 Jan 1864 Receipt for funeral expense to Dr. J.C. Band $15.00 amt. paid in full by John Hart, guardian.
47) Receipt for Money due to Jacob D. Mumford of Muncie Delaware Co., Indiana for traveling to Ohio to tell John Hart of Sidney Vandeveer’s death. $5.00.
48) Receipt for money sent to R.W. Baldwin of Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana for board, nursing and attention to Sidney Vandiveer in his last sickness. $20.00
49) Receipt for coffin for Sidney Vandeveer paid for by his guardian, John Hart in the amount of $30.30 . Paid to R.L. Meeks
50) Bill from George Harter of Muncie, Indiana who bought clothing in the amt. of $9.35 for Vandervier sent to John Hart (items are listed with amts. charged)
51) Bill from Andrew J. Harter of Muncie, Indiana against the estate of Sidney Vandeveer for $4.35 for money owed to him 1 Feb 1864
52) Receipt for remaining money owed on coffin for Sidney Vandeveer due to Hathaway & Co. and paid by guardian John Hart
53) Bill from George W. Harter of Muncie, Indiana against the estate of Sidney Vandeveer for $4.00 for money owed to him 1 Feb 1864
54) Receipt for $5.00 for shoemaking for deceased, Sidney Vandeveer paif by Joh Hart 18 Feb 1864 to Rudolph Sillula ?[spelling?]
55) Miami City 12 Dec 1863 Receipt for 1 pr. Boots 1 pr. Socks in the amt of $5.80 to J.P. Drury by John Hart for deseased Sidney Vandeveer
56) 8 Feb 1864 Request for money $2.50 owed to Andy N. Ribble of Selma for boots for Sidney Vandeveer against his estate.
57) Receipt for $6.00 from United States Express Company for the Corpse of Sidney Vandeveer C.W. Abbott agent Troy, Oh 25 Feb 1864
58) Note to John Hart from Sidney Vandeveer dated 23 Feb 1864 requesting $8.00 from his estate be paid to Lizzie Vandeveer. The amt was paid to Lizzie Vandeveer she signed receipt.
59) Receipt from Judge Joseph Pearson for services rendered in the settlement of Sidney Vandeveer’s estate.
60) Receipt from Arthur A. Vandeveer, guardian of Arthur Washington and Aleatha Vandeveer as heirs of Sidney Vandeveer’s estate in the amount of $89.23 dated 3 Mar 1864.
61) Receipt from John Hart and signed by Sary Vandeveer, his ward, as heir of Sidney Vandeveer’s estate in the amount of $44.61 dated 3 Mar 1864.
62) Sale Bill for Orphans of William B. Vandeveer 6 pages of household items (with descriptions of items, amount received for and who sold to) sold by Arthur A. Vandeveer at auction for his wards after the death of Lydia Scobey Vandeveer McBain, their mother. Proceeds went into orphans accounts. Dated 19 Sep 1857 J. Pearson Probate Judge
63) Settlement for Sarah Vandeveer (now of full age) from her guardian, Findley Stafford in the amount of $393.35 before fees 18 Apr 1863 Samuel Davis Probate Judge Miami Co., OH
64) Receipt from Sarah A. Vandeveer to Findley Stafford her late guardian in the amount of $372.22 for his settlement of her guardianship.
65) Receipts from Findley Stafford in the settlement of his guardianship of Sarah Vandeveer.
66) A copy of Sarah A. Vandeveer’s will dated 14 Mar 1868 In it she left her brother, Arthur W. Vandeveer and sister, Aletha A. Vandeveer when they come of age the remainder of her estate after her funeral bills were paid. Her executor was Samuel W. Sterrett. Findley Stafford and Charles Voorhis were named as her guardians.
67) A copy of the Record of Marriage License for Allitha Vandeveer (Arthur Vandeveer’s daughter, possibly cousin to my Arthur W.) and William Wrigley dated 6 Mar 1861 Miami Co., OH
68) A copy of Charles C. Vandeveer’s (Arthur Vandeveer’s son, brother to Tunis, Arthur A., and probably William B.) Record of Marriage License to Ann Elizabeth McGalliard on 27 Nov 1858 in Miami Co., OH
69) A copy of the Record of Marriage License for William F. McBain to Lydia Vandiveer (William B. Vandeveer’s widow) on 7 Jun 1855 by JP John M. Dye Miami Co., OH
70) A copy of the Record of Marriage License for Sidney D. Vandeveer (unknown kinship but is not my gggrandfather’s brother who was also named Sidney) and Mary D. Runyun on 8 Nov 1846 in Miami Co., OH and filed 4 Feb 1847
71) A copy of the Record of Marriage License for William B. Vanderveer and Lydia Scoby 9 Jun 1844 Miami Co., OH Note: Arthur I. Vanderveer attested that they were of age and gave his consent!) I believe this to be Arthur Vandeveer that was married to Alche Barkalow. It is the first time I have seen a middle initial. Have you ever came across this?
72) A copy of the Record of Marriage License for Arthur A. Vandeveer (who I believe is William B., Tunis and Charles C.’s brother, and son of Arthur I. Vandeveer) and Jane Rupell 20 Mar 1844 by JP John Sawyer Miami Co., OH
73) A copy of the Marriage license Record for a Sarah E. Vandiver (I have always thought this was my Sarah E. but now I am not so sure...I am beginning to believe that this is not the sister to my Arthur W. and instead is a cousin but I have not researched this) and James Bell on 23 April 1865 by T. Collett Mg. Miami Co., OH
74) A copy of the Record of Marriage License for J.O. Fuller and Mary C. Vandiver (unknown kinship) 2 Sep 1866 by R.D. VanDursen Mg. Miami Co., OH
75) A copy of the Record of Marriage License for Robert H. Vandeveer (unknown kinship) and Jennie Layton/Cayton/Sayton (writing hard to read) 27 Jan 1870 Miami Co., OH
76) A Copy of the Record of Marriage License for Charles F. Derr and Alltha A. Vandevier (probably Arthur W. Vandeveer’s sister) 9 Jun 1870 Miami Co., OH by J.J. Welch Mg.
77) A copy of the Record of Deaths Probate Court for Arthur A. Vandevere 8 Mar 1880 in Elizabeth Twp., Miami Co., OH Note: Place of birth listed was Warren Co., OH Occupation: Farmer Cause: died of heart disease