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  This is a subset of my working genealogy database and URL links may change as I update it. It contains my paternal line of the VanDerVeers of Long Island and many of the families of the 1600's West Indies Company. It also contains research I have done in areas of personal interest outside my family line. Individuals are linked to the Find A Grave website as I come across them.  Because of numerous hacking attempts, access to the database is restricted to specific internet providers and users. If you get a denied and would like access, go to here and email me the number it gives you so I can identify the provider and allow access.

The database currently contains 16000+ surnames, 48000+ marriages, and 180,000+ individuals.
Individuals born after 19 are not displayed due to privacy concerns.

Cornelius Janz Van Der Veer family of Long Island NY information

Genealogy database